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Riding Academy at Well-A-Way Farm


Welcome to Well-A-Way Farm’s Riding Academy!


About our Program

In searching us out, you have located a riding school/academy that has the ability to make you understand riding basics and horsemanship both on and off the horse. At WAWF, we have all levels of riders, instructors and top trainers, “you can have your cake and eat it too.”



“A rider’s first instructor is likely to become the most profound influence.” Laying the foundation for and with a rider is a large part of what we do here. “The longer you spend with your first teacher, the firmer your base.” -Anne Gribbons


In our program, with several available teachers and options to ride and learn, you will most likely avoid the “teacher and barn-hopping.” Hopping from barn to barn, especially for the young, inexperienced and novice rider is confusing. This why riding at WAWF can be a great addition to your life. We teach our riders an outstanding foundation! Not only can we start riders from the beginning and bring them through the riding ranks, we also teach and educate the successful show rider. Whether you come to us with riding experience with our without a horse in need of a lesson program – we can suit your needs!


Our team of trainers and teaching staff brings a combined 100 years of teaching knowledge. Our Instructors and staff are all Safe Sport trained and Certified. Safe sport is a USA Olympic associated certification in place for team and individual sports.  Safesport is in place to  help keep children safe while they participate in their favorite sport!


Getting Involved

The first step when joining Well-A-Way Farm’s Riding Academy is an introductory assessment lesson.  The first lesson is a private and costs $65.00.  This time is used to assess the rider’s skill, knowledge and ability.  The time will also be used to review the farm’s rules and regulations, tour of the facility, introduction on horse care, tacking, scheduling, paper work and signing off on release forms.


After this assessment, rider’s will be assigned to the appropriate level class and given available choices for lesson times. You will be asked for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice day and time.  Once you are part of a class in the Academy, the cost is $55.00 per lesson. Groups are generally no more than four riders at a time. Every eight weeks there is an assessment of riding ability for each class. Instructors will determine if the students are eligible to advance to the next class level. Eligibility includes one  ground school.



Riders are expected to wear collared shirts and well fitted vests or jackets in the colder months.  Shirts should be tucked in with a belt, clean breeches and jodhpurs with half chaps or tall boots. Hair should be secured in a neat pony tail, braid or traditionally put up under your helmet.


Ground School

Ground school dates are to be announced. They will run once per month and cost $25.00 per session.


I look forward to seeing you in the barn or in a lesson!



Michele Goodrich


Our Class Levels and Descriptions

Children Adults
½ Hour Private
1. On a lunge line learning fundamentals and gaining basic strength Lunge Liner Lunge Liner
2. Beginning to transition from a lunge line and ride on their own Elementary Elementary
Hour Groups with time to tack (come 15 mins early) and untack
1. Walk/trot able to ride on their own in a group setting Mini Mounter Walk/Trot
2. Walk/trot learning to canter on their own in a group setting Beginner Beginner
3. Walk/trot/canter and learning to jump Short Stirrup Long Stirrup
4. Walk/trot/canter and learning to jump verticals and courses Maiden Maiden
5. For the weekly, long-term Maiden rider not looking to move out of Riding Academy Stable-ized Stable-ized
5. Move out of Riding Academy into lease program and join show team Lease/Purchase Lease/Purchase
Ground School
 Various topics discussed off horseback scheduled throughout the year Chalk Talk Seminars

Our Teachers