The history behind the name, Well-A-Way Farm

A note from Michele Goodrich:
“Well-A-Way Farm is a Goodrich family farm name. I revived the name based on my fond memories of the farm where I grew up in Chester, VT. The layout and amenities of my current location reminded me very much of the once prospering northern farm known for its maple syrup distribution and the wild breeds of roses my great grandmother tended. 

Sometime in the 1970’s, the original Well-A-Way Farm was showcased in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. The farm got its name from its location “Well-A-Way” from the ubiquitous, chaos of the city life in Hartford, CT where my family lived full time when not at the farm in VT.”

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is focused on teaching our students horsemanship and sportsmanship. To be a teacher is both a gift and a privilege. At Well-A-Way Farm we cherish the belief that by providing this foundation we can equip our students with a maturity and self-confidence applicable to a life not limited solely to horses. This philosophy, we believe, will help them establish and then achieve their goals on and off the horse.

Professional Development at WAWF

Well-A-Way is not only an educational forum for students, we also believe that continued education for the staff helps to promote our philosophy in horsemanship and good riding. Two times a month the staff participate in Professional Development Classes with Michele or join in the many clinics offered at the farm.