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Educated. Dedicated. Fun. 

Michele Goodrich "Miche"

USEF 'r' Judge, USEF/USHJA Certified Trainer, Owner and Head trainer at Well-A-Way Farm. Cell: 8603062762

Jerry Dougherty "JD"

USEF "R" Judge, USEF "R" Course Designer, Footing retail and Importer/seller of quality schooling jumps for home rings. Cell: 630 240 1488

Roxie Vincek
Professional Rider, Instructor

Roxanne Vincek has been with Well-A-Way Farm for over a year. She has aided in multiple wins for many horses earning tri colors at various venues. She helps horse and rider combinations to perform as a team both on and off the horse. Roxi has also developed many horses for clients both in the show ring and out of it – many of our clients prefer to enjoy a fun, safe lesson on their well-schooled horses at home with the option of showing for fun! 

    Michael Altschwager

Instructor and Professional Rider.

Michael comes to WAWF with extended teaching knowledge, riding, and managing horse farms. A Connecticut native, Michael started riding at a young age and never stopped. He has worked with many professionals over the years and has traveled the east coast to attend multiple horse show venues. Michael brings teaching skills that help keep riding simple, fun and safe to all level of rider. He believes good horsemanship and solid flatwork leads to success in the show ring, and lesson arena. We are excited to have him join our team!

- Managers- Horse Care - Support staff -

Liz Devaney
Academy Director

Cundo Bonilla

Farm Manager

Susan Thibideau

Assistant Barn Manager

Zach Ziegler 
Professional Shipper and Horse show Groom 

                    Winky “KP”
(Named After Winky Wright)

AKA “KP” or “Kitten Pantz”. He was adopted from our nearby neighbors at Folly Farm as a kitten. He has assumed the role of Office Assistant and can usually be found bathing or napping on the computer in the office. Otherwise he is on rodent control or playing with Poe.

                    Poe Dameron 

                Pickles Babington

Poe and Pickles are the life of the farm. They are hunters, protectors and herders. Poe is Pickles conscience and tattles quite often. Pickles does a lot of instigating of Poe who HATES to be in “trouble”. Poe is very loyal to his property and farm where Pickles is often entrigued by the the smell of the neighbor’s bacon and often ends up finding his way home Via a Simsbury Police Cruser. 

             Rusty Lee Rabuse

Rusty Is a 16 year old English Setter. He loves to go frogging and enjoys long walk abouts around the farm. Feeding time is of the utmost importance in Rusty’s life and he lets the neighborhood know all about it!