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Michele Goodrich
Owner, Trainer, and USEF “r” Judge

Michele is the owner and head trainer at Well-A-Way Farm.  In addition to being a USHJA certified trainer, she is a USEF/USHJA “r” Judge Licensed Official. “I am available to judge several times over the year. Please call or text me at 860.306.2762.”

My history: “I began my riding career at age four upon two, docile draft horses called Bonnie and Raison. Early on I competed in Western Equitation (stock seat) and Pony Club (three-day eventing). It was not until later in my junior years at boarding school I discovered my true love for the Hunter horse and Hunt Seat Equitation. This occurred under Purnell School’s riding director and coach, Donna Martin.”

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Current: Michele developed her riding, coaching, and teaching skills by seeking out other successful instructors and professionals with whom to work. After making a name for herself by winning and riding in many horses shows all over the east coast, qualifying riders for several national finals, and coaching many of them to ribbons and wins, it came time for Michele to create her own business concept: Well-A-Way Farm, LLC. She advanced her business education by studying in an accelerated adult program at Teikio Post University working towards a degree in sports management. Finally, after a long search, the quaint, rustic farm on 120 Terry’s Plain Road in Simsbury, CT, now known as Well-A-Way Farm became available for sale. It is currently a prospering horse show stable. Michele trains and directs riders to national and local finals as well as state and zone year-end awards. Michele spent time in France for a portion of her senior year in high school and continues to travel to several areas in Europe and the UK to help select horses that fit well in her program and with her riders. Michele’s primarily self-taught riding history, help, and direction from many top mentors and trainers have helped her to encompass many venues. Her drive, talent, continuous education, and understanding of nature are the elements that have created this truly successful trainer.

Michele is certified in CPR and First Aid. She is a member of the CT Farm Bureau, a USHJA Certified Trainer, a member of the USEF, National Horseshow Association (Maclay), and the PHA. Michele is also a lifetime member of the CHJA.

Roxie Vincek
Professional Rider, Instructor

Roxanne Vincek has been with Well-A-Way Farm for over a year. She has aided in multiple wins for many horses earning tri colors at various venues. She helps horse and rider combinations to perform as a team both on and off the horse. Roxi has also developed many horses for clients both in the show ring and out of it – many of our clients prefer to enjoy a fun, safe lesson on their well-schooled horses at home with the option of showing for fun! 

    Erin McNamara 

P/T Professional Rider, Instructor, Show Manager and Mom of Four amazing children!

Erin McNamara re-joined Well-A-Way Farm’s staff as a pro-rider and Riding Academy and Boarder Instructor in September of 2017. She started riding as a community rider at Armand and Martha’s Windcrest Farm when she was eight years old and spent the next 19 years training there. Under the Chenelle’s guidance, Erin achieved success in the equitation ring, qualifying for Maclay Regionals (on an OTTB she brought along herself) and as an adult, winning the 2006 CHJA Adult Medal Final and placing 5th in 2008 23-25 NEEC Adult Final aboard Lan’Dina, a horse imported by Michele Goodrich.

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Liz Devaney
Academy Director

Cundo Bonilla

Farm Manager

Horse Care/ Groom

Open Position 

Maren McLaughlin
Head Working Student 

                    Winky “KP”
(Named After Winky Wright)

AKA “KP” or “Kitten Pantz”. He was adopted from our nearby neighbors at Folly Farm as a kitten. He has assumed the role of Office Assistant and can usually be found bathing or napping on the computer in the office. Otherwise he is on rodent control or playing with Poe.

                    Poe Dameron 

                Pickles Babington

Poe and Pickles are the life of the farm. They are hunters, protectors and herders. Poe is Pickles conscience and tattles quite often. Pickles does a lot of instigating of Poe who HATES to be in “trouble”. Poe is very loyal to his property and farm where Pickles is often entrigued by the the smell of the neighbor’s bacon and often ends up finding his way home Via a Simsbury Police Cruser. 

             Rusty Lee Rabuse

Rusty Is a 16 year old English Setter. He loves to go frogging and enjoys long walk abouts around the farm. Feeding time is of the utmost importance in Rusty’s life and he lets the neighborhood know all about it!