Well-A-Way Farm is a USHJA recognized and approved Riding School. The instructors are all USEF and USHJA SafeSport Trained and Certified. Our head trainer Michele, the farm’s owner, is a USHJA Certified Trainer and an official with USEF as an ‘r’ rated Judge. She is currently working on her large “R” promotion.


Riders are expected to wear collared shirts (NO TANK TOPS) and well fitted vests or jackets in the colder months. Shirts tucked in with a belt, clean breeches and jodhpurs with half chaps or tall boots. Hair should be secured in a neat ponytail, braid or traditionally put up under your properly fitted helmet. 



Riders should plan on arriving 15-30 mins early to help groom and tack up their horse. Depending on the level of the rider we have Working Students available to assist them.  After the lesson the rider is expected to untack and groom their horse.  Plan your time accordingly. Note: some horses do consecutive lessons.



WAWF provides the tack for the Riding Academy (saddle, bridle, girth and grooming tools). Riders are responsible to clean what they use and to put everything back in clearly marked areas. $5.00 tickets are given if items are not put away. 


  1. SESSIONS 2022 

Sessions run from Monday- Saturday for 9 weeks. 

Session 1: Mon January 3- Sat March 5 

Session 2: Mon March 7- Sat May 7 

Session 3: Mon May 9-  Sat July 9

Break for Summer

Session 4: Mon Aug 29- Sat Oct 29 

Session 5: Mon October 31-  Sat Dec 31



WAWF accepts checks and QuickBook Payments only. 

Payment is due at the time of the lesson, or, on the first lesson of a pre-paid session

If WAWF’s office manager has to look for payments, a late fee of $25 will be in addition. 

NO CARRY OVER PAYMENTS from session to session. 

WAWF is a popular riding school – we often end up on a waiting list – riding times will not be held without payment. 


  • Introductory/First WAWF lessons are $80.00
  • Pay per lesson $70.00 
  • Pre-paid, 9 week sessions for one lesson per week are $575.00. (9 Lessons at $63 per lesson)
  • Pre-paid, 9 week sessions for two lessons per week are $1,150. (18 lessons at $63 per lesson)
  • Pre-paid, 9 week sessions for riders who have never ridden before at any facility are $590 (1 intro lesson + 8 lessons). This can only be redeemed for the rider’s first ever session. 
  • Requested private lessons are $80.00. Pre-paid per session $75.00
  • Lessons for 4 years old or younger (15 mins) are $50

Note: Riders entering a session late will be pro-rated (if a spot is available). 



The purpose of the Academy is to give riders foundational skills. Academy lessons can be taught by any WAWF trainer.  Although we do our best to create consistency it is not guaranteed that you will ride with the same instructor each lesson. All academy lessons are taught on academy school horses. School horses provide learning opportunities to multiple riders and multiple lessons each week. As such, school horses have limited jumping heights and capabilities. If you wish to participate in more advanced lessons we recommend participating in the advanced academy or leasing (see below).



This year we will offer an advanced academy. This will include 1 lesson with an academy instructor on an academy school horse and 1 lesson with Michele or Asst. Trainer on a lease or sale horse. One lesson will be held on academy days (M, Tu, Th, Sat PM) and one lesson will be held on boarder/lease days (W, Fr, Sat AM). The cost for the advanced academy which includes use of horses and one advanced lesson in addition to one academy lesson will be $1700.00 for 9 weeks (2 lessons per week).



Two make-up lessons are permitted per session (one per month). Make-up lessons are held on the last Sunday of every month. 

Cancellations received with less than 24 hours’ notice will only  be made up at WAWF’s discretion. 

Cancellations where the horse is injured or lame will only be made up at WAWF’s discretion. The instructor will notify the scheduler in these instances and the scheduler will contact the client to reschedule.  

Make-up lessons will not be granted if the rider attends but has to dismount due to sickness, injury, or another personal factor. 

No shows are billed with a $25.00 fee and lessons will be taken out of the prepaid package.



Academy lessons are held on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday by appointment/make-up. If the academy is full, priority will be given to pre-paid riders over weekly riders when building the schedule and admitting riders into the program. Advanced academy lessons & Boarder/Lease lessons are held on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday morning. Please email to let us know if your typical riding day does not work and we will coordinate a make-up (24 hour notice required). Most make-ups are done on the last Sunday of the month. 



WAWF hosts ground school sessions for Academy students. We strongly ask that you attend one class during your session. (Price dependent upon Ground School/Clinic topics)



Leasing is available on school horses and privately owned horses. Leasing allows the rider to ride the same horse in lessons and practice rides (hack). Cost is dependent on horse and number of days leased. Lease rides are available for 2-6 days per week. There are multiple horses and financial options available. Leasing Guidelines



New riders must fill out a release form(s) prior to the lesson or riding a horse at Well-A-Way Farm, LLC.



WAWF Staff only. Sideline teaching is not accepted. If parents choose to stand in the designated seating area, we ask that you leave the coaching in the ring to the instructor and rider to help prevent any confusion.

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