Session V 2022 is open for enrollment!!!
Session Fee: $650.00, 9 Lessons.
Per lesson fee: $80.00
Ground School Classes: $40.00 and up.

***Monthly leases are available for $800.00 and up. Days and horse dependent. ***

Check out WAWF’s year-round leasing program. 

Multiple affordable options are available. Leasing a school horse at WAWF helps get riders more time in the tack!

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WAWF Riders who work and ride in our working student program!

Maren “Mare bear”

Maren is our head WS. She is a Jr barn Manager and an excellent rider. Maren is organized, thoughtful, loves the horses and will make sure you know exactly how to do things correctly. She is the young horsewoman we want all of our riders to strive to be!!! Maren is a Freshman in high school and rides successfully in the 3ft to 3’3″ JR Equitation divisions.

Courtney “Court”

Courtney lessons and day rides in our academy program on Monday evenings. She also works to help keep the lessons running on time each Saturday and helps with the barn work and feed every other Saturday. Courtney is a Freshman at the University of CT.

Samantha “Sam”

Sam is our head working student. She aids in all the programs and their functions.  Sam helps to exercise horses and pones, tack ups and is well equipped with the knowledge to help assist with management in the barn when needed. Sam is a Freshman at Johnson and Whales in Rhode Island where she rides on their IHSA team. Sam comes home to help ride at the farm every weekend where she continues to grow as a top rider in our area.

Bella “Bella Ella”

Bella is one of our top Working Students. She is always on time, keeps lessons moving with timely tack ups and takes excellent care of the school horses!  Bella is a Senior in high school and continues to thrive in her riding lessons at the farm every Tuesday.