The working student program is designed for riders to learn horse management, horse care and help aide in keeping academy lessons running on time.

Maren Mclaughlin

Head Working Student 

Maren is crucial Part of WAWF's WS program. She trains new WS students, makes lists of duties to be performed and helps to manage our very busy Mondays at the farm. 

Sadie Cross "Sades"

Wednesday Working Student and Head JRWS

Sadie has worked through the "ranks" to earn a solid WS position on Wednesdays. She still opts in as an assistant JRWS on many other days throughout the week. Sadie is knowledgeable and ALWAYS fills in when needed. 

Emily Singer "Emily" Tuesday WS

Emily is a key person for our busy Tuesday night riding Academy. She Makes sure things run smoothly at all times. She feeds night check and checks each horse before the doors are closed!  

Elias Miele "Eli or E" Thursday WS

Elias is our Thursday night time WS. They are fluent in "horse" and takes the job very seriously. Elias is agile in the night check process and keeps lessons running on time!